Pedigree of Canucks Candle Light
Canucks Candle LightSterling's Roodle DoodlemannTafrnwr Coedwig's Blackstorm ROMgRhydowen Chippendale ROMb
Springshire Tafarnwr Viviane
Redbud's Satis FaxannJoseter Geefax JW HC ROMs
Chimera Vestavia Folly D
Tafarnwr Coedwig's Silver LiningRhydowen Chippendale ROMbLocksleyhall Laird ROMg
Tamarhac Hifive Of Rhydowen AM CDX
Springshire Tafarnwr VivianeLocksleyhall Laird ROMg
Jason's Bijou AM UD
This pedigree was generated by The Cardigan Archives