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Firstname: Patricia
Lastname: Jensen
Postal Code:
Country: USA
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Abby Blue Dominquez
Larchmont Absolutely Heartogld
Larchmont Be Daisy
Larchmont Be Mysterious
Larchmont Black Tie Optional
Larchmont Bodiddley
Larchmont Boshay
Larchmont Brave Sir Lancelot
Larchmont Brin Chester
Larchmont Kimberee Vanity Fair
Larchmont Otillia
Larchmont Reeses Pieces
Larchmont Rex Of Corgndox
Larchmont Vindicator
Larchmont Vivacious
Larchmont Voldemard
Larchmont Voltaire At Aldershon
Larchmont-Reese D'Lighted
Larchmont-Reese D'Mure
Larchmont-Reese D'Niro
Larchmont-Reese D'Vious
Larchmont's Bogus ROMs
Larchmont's Haulin 'A'
Larchmonts Ahboo Ben Huff
Larchmonts Albert Einstein
Larchmonts Annaleigh
Larchmonts Attache
Larchmonts Attatootie
Larchmonts Babycakes
Larchmonts Bin Merlot
Larchmonts Bindibrin
Larchmonts Boutique
Larchmonts Bronson Huntington
Larchmonts Brynna
Larchmonts Center Stage
Larchmonts Charlie's Shadow
Larchmonts Cherry Pie ROMs
Larchmonts Ikarus
Larchmonts Lucky
Larchmonts Reeses Bits CGC
Larchmonts Sonoma
Larchmonts Tiger 'N Disguise HT
Larchmonts Tiger Lily
Larchmonts Tiger Lilylangtre
Larchmonts Tigeress
Larchmonts Tikki Tikki Tembo
Larchmonts Tony Tiger
Larchmonts Toulouse Latrec
Larchmonts Whoopi Doo
Larchmonts Woo Woo
Mariel's Jamie Evans
Reese-Larchmont D'Ceptive
Reese-Larchmont D'Fiant
Reese-Larchmont D'Licious
Reese-Larchmont D'Vine