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Firstname: Edweena P. (Teddy)
Lastname: McDowell
Postal Code:
City: Olathe, KS
Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.camelotcorgis.com/
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Camelot A Dream Come True
Camelot Minstrel For Shebear
Camelot Notz Sidekick
Camelot Sterling's Silver Treasure
Camelot' S Deal Or No Deal CD
Camelot's Bavarian Blue
Camelot's Corky
Camelot's Driven By Success
Camelot's Hobo
Camelot's L'il Fortune Teller
Camelot's Lady Sings the Blues
Camelot's Little Boy Blue
Camelot's Maiden Voyage ROMB-V
Camelot's Midnight Summer's Dream At Pecan Valley
Camelot's Midnite Masquerade
Camelot's Midnite Star
Camelot's Midnite Watch ROMb
Camelot's Nell Gwynn
Camelot's Ocean Dream
Camelot's Oh Captain My Captain
Camelot's One And Only
Camelot's Out Of The Blue
Camelot's Pockets Of Blue
Camelot's Prince Of Darkness
Camelot's Princess Lucy Belle
Camelot's Royal Blue Tower
Camelot's Scintillant Pearl
Camelot's Sir Scooby
Camelot's Skye Mackenzie
Camelot's Something To Talk Abut
Camelot's Starburst of Sunfarms
Camelot's Sterling Silver Addition
Camelot's Taming of the Shrew at Pecan Valley
Camelot's Tanglewood Cabaret
Camelot's Tapestry In Bleu
Camelot's True Blue Lu Lu
Camelot's Wheatshire Crockett
Camelot's William Travis
Camelots Blue Danelleat Westwind
Camelots Blue Ribbon Tribute
Camelots Dark of the Moon PV
Camelots Pandoras Box from PV
Circo's Peppina
Cozmo Of Camelot
Dexter Campbell
Garvin's Barbrann from Camelot
Gideon's Fancy At Camelot
I Get Around Fitzpatrick
Llandian I Got It From Camelot
Meglund's Captain Hook MXP2 MXPB MJP3 MJPB OFP
Meglund's Wallace Of Camelot OAP AJP
Sebastian Of Blue River
Shakespear's Juliet From Camelot
Shakespeare's Hamlet From Camelot
Shakespeare's Macbeth At Camelot
Sir Preston of Camelot
Westwind's I Slapped The Cop
Westwinds-Camelot’s the book of Eli
Windcastle's August Rush
Windcastle's P.S. I Love You
Zircon's Gypsy Rose Lee
Zircon's Kokomo