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DK/PL/RU/S/N/DEVDH/INT CH Georgeous George Controversia

picture of dog
Registered Name: Georgeous George Controversia
Prefix Titles: DK/PL/RU/S/N/DEVDH/INT CH
Breeder: Dorota Paz
Owner: Ilse Faarup
Erik and Ilse Faarup
Kennel: Controversia, Poland
Sire: Welshclan's Gentleman George
Dam: Bagera Faworytka Controversia
Call Name: Indi
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 5 JUL 2006
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Poland
Country of Residence: Denmark
Colour: Black and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://www.kennelfaarup.dk
Known Offspring:
Aasteds Arthur Pendragon
Aasteds Black Knight
Aasteds Cant Buy Me Love
Aasteds Captain Hook
Aasteds Cinderella
Aasteds Here Comes The Sun
Aasteds Let It Be
Aasteds Little Mermaid
Aasteds Lucy In The Sky
Aasteds Penny Lane
Aasteds Prince Charming
Aasteds Princess Fiona
Aasteds Sergeant Pepper
Aasteds Sir Lancelot
Aasteds Strawberry Fields
Aasteds Twist And Shout
Black Barney z Irexu
Black Energy z Irexu
Black Face z Irexu
Black Lady z Irexu
Black Lizard z Irexu
Black Magic z Irexu
Blue Angel z Irexu
Blue Oldie z Irexu
Faarup Happy Tim
Faarup Holly
Faarup Iceman
Faarup Igor
Faarup Incredible Albert
Faarup Indi Remove
Faarup Indy
Faarup Irita
Faarup Isadora
Faarup Jackie
Faarup Joey
Faarup Laise
Faarup Lie
Faarup Lilli Marleen
Faarup Linett
Faarup Linka
Faarup Lord Nunzio
Faarup Lottie
Godthaablunds A. Carl-Ejner
Godthaablunds A. Kaiser
Godthaablunds Adorable Oda
Godthaablunds Amazing Al
Godthaablunds Amiable Nelly
Godthaablunds Asta
Godthaablunds B. Giggs
Godthaablunds B. Wilma
Godthaablunds Beautiful Arvid
Godthaablunds Beijing
Godthaablunds Bellis
Godthaablunds Big Viggo
Godthaablunds Bjørk
Godthaablunds Bravo
Holmuth Babett
Holmuth Basil
Holmuth Bellis
Holmuth Betzy
Holmuth Bibi
Holmuth Birger
Holmuth Bolette
Kerman Carbon Copy
Kerman Copyright Of Sturtmoor
Kerman Will I Am at Kuanza
Mosegården's Rambling Rose
Mosegården's Ready for Action
Mosegården's Red Hot Romeo
Mosegården's Ruby Red Foxy Lady
Nickname's Blue Sharpe Dressed
Nickname's Blue Smash'n Hit
Nickname's Blue Sparkle'n Shine
Nickname's Smash'n Grab
Nickname's Special Effects
Nickname's Speed Date
Nickname's Steady'n Going
Possible's Empathic Elona
Possible's Entertainer Elton
Possible's Eternal Embla
Possible's Excellent Eric
Possible's Exiting Edward
Possible's Extravaganza Exton
Rehder's Zander
Rehder's Zanna
Rehder's Zar
Rehder's Ziggy
Rehder's Zilas
Rehder's Ziva
Rehder's Zuka
Rgaard's B-Girl
Rgaard's Bella Vaps
Rgaard's Bernard
Rgaard's Boas
Rgaard's Born Wega Star
Rgaard's Bounty
Rgaard's Brown Ale
R�gaard's Barnie
Welshclan's Winfred
Welshclan's Wynelle
Welshclan's Wynfor
Welshclan's Wynn
Gentleman Glorify Controversia
Gladsome Gadget Controversia
Glamour Girl Controversia
Golden Girlfriend Controversia
Good Ghost Controversia


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Hips: Other A
PRA: Other Normal

Georgeous George Controversia

Welshclan's Gentleman George

Grangefield Special Story
Garrett's Special Legend of Grangefield
Clywedog Naturally Special of Grangefield

Gucci's Ciao Mackinlay

Geestland's Arrant Ace
Mackinlay's Lady In Fashion

Bagera Faworytka Controversia

Yardican US Westwyn Leo

Spectrum Harlem Shuffle ROMs

Yardican Lledrith

Cudka Lisiura z Anegdoty

Beckrow Beg to Differ

Blodeuwedd Lisiura