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AM CH Winsdown Black Dichromate

picture of dog
Registered Name: Winsdown Black Dichromate
Prefix Titles: AM CH
Breeder: Louise Gilliland (was Vantrease)
Owner: Mary Kaucic
Louise Gilliland (was Vantrease)
Kennel: Winsdown
Sire: Winsdown Brymore Carbon Blue
Dam: Winsdown Brymore Cat Ballou
Call Name: Dykell
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 11 NOV 1968
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Black and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Website: www.winsdown.com
Known Offspring:
Aelwyd Titania
Domino's Mad Mary
Dorre Don Charmian Of Aelwyd
Larchmont Winsdown Vintage
Rogue's Midnight Cowboy
Skibeeā€™s Marshall Moon
Topwyn Carpetbagger
Topwyn Cat Dancing
Topwyn Certainly Charlotte
Topwyn Nab's Jack of Clubs CD
Topwyn Rogue Midnite Special
Topwyn Rogue Minstrel Man
Topwyn Rogue Moon Shadow
White Fang Silver Moon
White Fang's Timothy Too
Windown Lady In Black
Winsdown Black Kullen
Winsdown Black Paladium
Winsdown Blue Hank
Winsdown Command
Winsdown Dilyn-Lloer Candid
Winsdown Dorre Don Titanium
Winsdown Majic Man CDX TD
Winsdown Midnight Rarity
Winsdown Midnight Rose
Winsdown Midnight Rose Dust
Winsdown Salty Sailor CDX
Winsdown Silent Force
Winsdown Spooky Halloween CDX
Winsdown Topwyn Dambuster
Winsdown Topwyn Deja Vu
Winsdown Topwyn Delta Dawn AM CAN CD ROMb
Winsdown Topwyn Druid Damsel
Winsdown Winter Snowstorm CD
Registration#: WB273274
Registry: AKC
Glenjoy Winsdown Black Deon
Glenjoy Winsdown Black Dian
Windward Winsdown Blue Delft CDX
Winsdown Black Deterium
Winsdown Black Diamond
Winsdown Black Dig Of Becmar
Winsdown Black Displash
Winsdown Black Dragon
Winsdown Blue D'Mand O Dorisu
Winsdown Blue Deutron
Winsdown Blue Diethyl
Winsdown Blue Disk of Robgwen
Winsdown Blue Displash
Winsdown Blue Domino

Winsdown Black Dichromate

Winsdown Brymore Carbon Blue

Kentwood Ifan

Kentwood Rozavel Blue Badge
Kentwood Ithon
Brymore's Nosoldu ap SunnyKentwood Heulog
Teilo Binkie

Winsdown Brymore Cat Ballou
Parmel Dictator

Kentwood Cymro
Parmel Delight

Domino's Miss Busy of Brymore

Domino's Beau Jester

Siani yr Brymore