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DK UCH Marco av Trolldom

picture of dog
Registered Name: Marco av Trolldom
Prefix Titles: DK UCH
Breeder: Kari-Mette Sundal
Owner: Erik and Ilse Faarup
Ilse Faarup
Kennel: Trolldom
Sire: Cardax Jeremy
Dam: Cardax Roxane
Call Name:
Sex: Male
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Denmark
Country of Residence: Denmark
Colour: Sable and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Birkebakken's Gangster Gumse
Birkebakken's Garcon Gnam-Gnam
Birkebakken's General Gus
Birkebakken's Gringo Gonzo
Corgi's Gallant
Corgi's Gangster
Corgi's Geisha Girl
Corgi's Golden Boy
Corgi's Grey Mist
Faarup Elwies
Faarup Eveline
Faarup Ewely
Faarup Eysiananna
Faarup Felix
Faarup Fredo
Faarup Frida
Faarup Fuzzy
Faarup Gigant
Faarup Ginous
Faarup Godtfred
Faarup Goliat
Faarup Gorm
Faarup Hash Phanna
Faarup Hennesy
Faarup Hermann
Faarup Hilda
Faarup Hjalte
Faarup Holly
Faarup Hoya
Faarup Hugoline
Faarup Jasper
Faarup Jenny
Faarup Jeps
Faarup Jessie
Faarup Jody
Faarup Jokke
Faarup Josefine
Faarup Julie
Faarup Kaia
Faarup Kamille
Faarup Kitty
Faarup Kivi
Faarup Lady-Molly
Faarup Lasse
Faarup Lee
Faarup Locky
Faarup Lolly
Faarup Lotus
Rundhøj's Alberte
Rundhøj's Alexander
Rundhøj's Ali-Marco
Rundhøj's Alli-Siska
Rundhøj's Amigo
Rundhøj's Banja - Kicki - Dee
Rundhøj's Bea - Cristyn
Rundhøj's Bette - Olivia
Rundhøj's Bianca - Kinnie
Rundhøj's Bogart
Rundhøj's Bolero
Rundhøj's Candy
Rundhøj's Carlo
Rundhøj's Caroline
Rundhøj's Cecilie
Rundhøj's Chaplin
Rundhøj's Chilli
Rundhøj's Cilli
Rundhøj's Cindy
Rundhøj's Cleo-Petra
Rundhøj's Cristyn
Rundhøj's Effi
Rundhøj's Elli
Rundhøj's Elliot
Rundhøj's Elmer
Rundhøj's Emmi
Rundhøj's Eskild
Vester-Morre's Eddie
Vester-Morre's Ellemann
Vester-Morre's Elly
Vester-Morre's Emil
Vester-Morre's Erhard
Vester-Morre's Evergren
Vester-Morre's Evita
Registration#: DK01233/93
Registry: DKK
Tengel den Gode av Trolldom

Marco av Trolldom
Cardax Jeremy

Daleviz Tangerine
Daleviz Nestor
Daleviz Red Petra
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Cardax Dwenny

Robgwen Cream Cracker

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