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N CH Yardican Llawen

picture of dog
Registered Name: Yardican Llawen
Prefix Titles: N CH
Breeder: Meri Tuuli Aalto
Owner: Ingrid Prytz Ohm
Kennel: Yardican
Sire: Deavitte Oakleaf
Dam: Faydom Sparkling Moonstone
Call Name: Lola
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 13 DEC 1996
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Finland
Country of Residence: Norway
Colour: Black and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Registration#: FIN13540/97
Registry: FKK
Alt. Registry: NKK
Yardican Lledrith
Yardican Lloyd
Yardican Llwyn-Derw
Yardican Llyfnant
Yardican Lwc

Yardican Llawen

Deavitte Oakleaf

Kerman Burning Oaks At Deavitte
Jogela Lawrence
Joseter Justine

Deavitte Moonbeam
Lees Black Heckle of Gorthleck
Lees Blue Moon of Deavitte

Faydom Sparkling Moonstone

Antoc Gregory

Baileswood Geraint
Antoc Angel Delight

Tuulantei Wendy
Glendower Buandroed Blueblaidd

Bymil Blackberry