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BIS AM CH Rollingwood's Gee Whiz

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Registered Name: Rollingwood's Gee Whiz
Prefix Titles: BIS AM CH
Breeder: Priscilla Benkin
Sire: Brymore's Beau Geste
Dam: Norma's Sassy Pants
Call Name: Whizzer
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 31 DEC 1974
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Anabel Lace yr Rollingwood
BCT The Saint
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Checkmate's Benevolence CD
Gamblwr Brych Yr Olynmawr
Gandalf Tank Mirkwood
Kyna Kymric of Blue Mount
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Olynmawr's Princess Dorothy
Rollingw'ds My Little Brownie
Rollingwood Angel O'Beefwich
Rollingwood Buffy's Big Foot
Rollingwood Don Quixote RBG
Rollingwood Jo-O-Jo
Rollingwood Justice
Rollingwood Kelda Yr Brymore
Rollingwood Llewellyn Ap Gee
Rollingwood Morgan Yr Karlen
Rollingwood Olynmawr Sugar
Rollingwood Pern Jubilation
Rollingwood Raglan Manon
Rollingwood Restless Autumn
Rollingwood Roll Of The Dice
Rollingwood Romano Gnocchi
Rollingwood Rosey
Rollingwood Unchain’d Melody
Rollingwood's Joy To The World
Rollingwood's Prince Valiant
Rollingwood's Quasar CD
Rollingwood's Quicksilver
Rollingwood's Re-Joy-Ce
Rollingwood's Reynard The Red
Rollingwood's Thorn Bird CD
Rollingwoods Beau Regarde CD
Rollingwood’s Remembrance
Twinroc Buster Brown CD
Twinroc Caralan Tydvils Amen
Twinroc Ciara
Twinroc's Cherub
Twinroc’s Custom Design
Registration#: WC986984
Registry: AKC
1st American Breeder/Owner/Handler Cardigan All-Breed BIS Winner. BOS at the 1977 CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 97, Mrs. Eileen Pimlott judging. BOS at the 1978 CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 119, Mrs. Betty Baker judging. BOS at the 1980 CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 71, Dr. Ed McGough judging. BOB at the 1983 CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 88, Mr. Joseph E. Gregory judging. AOM at the 1986 CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 139, Mary Gay Sargent judging.
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