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C.I.B,/Nord/FIN/SE/EE/NO CH Geestland's Balmy Mackinlay

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Registered Name: Geestland's Balmy Mackinlay
Prefix Titles: C.I.B,/Nord/FIN/SE/EE/NO CH
Breeder: Heli Hirsikangas
Owner: Heli Hirsikangas
Kennel: Geestland's
Sire: Mackinlay's Rhiwallon
Dam: Mandastamm Ballyhoo
Call Name: Mocca
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 21 MAR 1995
Date of Death: 3 MAR 2009
Cause of Death: Tumor, cancer
Country of Birth: Finland
Country of Residence: Finland
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://www.geestland.fi
Known Offspring:
Registration#: FIN20857/95
PRA-clear after tested parents
Geestland's Dear Mackinlay
Geestland's Designed Devil
Geestland's Divine Dude
Geestland's Done for Newcard
Geestland's Double Dream
Geestland's Droll Demon

Geestland's Balmy Mackinlay

Mackinlay's Rhiwallon

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Kentwood Madoc
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