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Best Stud Male of 2001 in Finland Hashfan Garcon

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Registered Name: Hashfan Garcon
Prefix Titles: Best Stud Male of 2001 in Finland
Breeder: Marianne Jensen
Owner: Doris Duewel
Kennel: Hashfan
Sire: Floatin' Black Ichdin
Dam: Kersey
Call Name: Kalle
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 20 NOV 1994
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Denmark
Country of Residence: Finland
Colour: Black and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://faydomcardis.wordpress.com/
Known Offspring:
Big Deal's Femme Fatal
Big Deal's Fidelia Black
Big Deal's Fidzi Sun Tan
Big Deal's Fine Tiger Girl
Big Deal's Fix Puzzle
Big Deal's Flaming Heart
Big Deal's Foolish Girl
Big Deal's Funk Music
Del Chaco Cadnococh
Del Chaco Drudwyn
Del Chaco Llawen
Del Chaco Lludd
Del Chaco Meirwen
Del Chaco Tudwal
Faydom O'Aunt Sarah
Faydom On Stage
Faydom On The Air
Faydom On The Hot Line
Faydom One Komi Rose
Faydom One Way Ticket
Faydom Orient Express
Faydom Ozzie Osborne
Geestland's Fabulous Fortune
Geestland's Fame Fennec
Geestland's Famous Fate
Geestland's Fave Rave
Geestland's Feisty Filly
Geestland's Fen Fire
Geestland's Firm Fascinator
Geestland's Gallant Glaive
Geestland's Garish Gem
Geestland's Gentle Genic
Geestland's Gleam of Glory
Geestland's Glow With Glee
Geestland's Gradely Ghost
Geestland's Greatest Gainer
Pirtek Figlio Di Pace
Pirtek Fiume Di Luna
Pirtek Flauto Magica
Pirtek Forza Esplosivo
Registration#: FIN46306/95
Registry: FIN
Alt. Registry: DK27760/94
Hashfan Gladiator
Hashfan Glennie
Hashfan Goodie-Goodie
Hashfan Gwendy Going West


Category Registry ID or Results Date
PRA: Other Tested Clear

Hashfan Garcon

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