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AM CH Coedwig's Hearts O'Fire

picture of dog
Registered Name: Coedwig's Hearts O'Fire
Prefix Titles: AM CH
Sire: Coedwig's Blue Glacier RN
Dam: Coedwig's Pecan Valley Carbon's Calico OAP OJP
Call Name:
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 10 DEC 1999
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Black and White with Tan
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Coedwig's Barclays Kipdog
Coedwig's Captain Morgan
Coedwig's Clf's Blue Blazes
Coedwig's Cornerstone Stealer
Coedwig's Midnight Magnolia
Coedwig's Midnight Pandemonium
Coedwig's My Fair Sadie NAP NJP
Coedwig's Nab's Fstful O'Hearts
Coedwig's Paradiddle Bon Jolie
Coedwig's Paradiddle C'Moi!
Coedwig's Passion In Paradise
Coedwig's Sir Guinness Osian
Coedwig's Steppenwolf Blu Embr
Cornerstone's At A Glance ROM-V GOLD
Cornerstone's Augustus
Cornerstone's Quaint Atomic Spark
Crazy Quilt ChapsWoodsySmurf
Darrowby's Laura Of Royalwood
Darrowbys Logan Of Royalwood
Darrowbys Lydia Of Royalwood
Oreo Cookie Scriber
Paradiddle Coedwig's Encore
Paradiddle Conquest Chablis
Paradiddle Crazy Quilt Darcee
Paradiddle Creme Brulee
Paradiddle Sheer Elegance
Paradiddle's Caesar Augustus
Paradiddle's Moulin Rouge
Scaura Celestial Firecracker
Scaura's Hokie Inferno
Scaura's Liarliar Pants O'Fire
Wolfgang My Fancy Ginger
Wolfgang's Baby Blue View
Wolfgang's Dual Action
Wolfgang's Gamblwrheart Quest
Wolfgang's Second Edition
Wolfgang's Tex
Registration#: DL81309301
Registry: AKC
Creigle Reflection Inde Dark
Creigle's Blue Belle Bunny
Creigle's Clever Endever
Creigle's Kryptic Kadabra
Creigle's Travelin Javelin

Coedwig's Hearts O'Fire

Coedwig's Blue Glacier RN

Bearwoods Pied Piper Of PV
Bearquest Linus

Kismet Sixth Sense

Heart Of Gold's Trublu To Darwin

Coedwig's Carbon Blue ROMg

Heart Of Gold Trix R For Kids AM CD PT CGC HCT JHD VC TDI ROMb

Coedwig's Pecan Valley Carbon's Calico OAP OJP

Coedwig's Carbon Blue ROMg

Spectrum Harlem Shuffle ROMs

Coedwig's Lilac ROMb
Pecan Valley Dark CloudsBearwoods Llondyn Fog
Pecan Valley Symphony Blue