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UK/INT/BEL/GER/SLO/DUTCH/LUX CH Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster

picture of dog
Registered Name: Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster
Breeder: David L Anthony
Deborah L. Anthony
Owner: Hanno Dijkhorst
Rachel Dijkhorst
Kennel: Dragonpatch
Sire: Copperleaf Burnt Spice
Dam: Copperleaf Rose Of Sharon ROMb
Call Name: Foster
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 13 NOV 2006
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: Netherlands
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Corgi na Volge Valrik Kokgast
Corgi na Volge Valter Zwoeger
Corgi na Volge Vanessa Rozenlaar
Corgi na Volge Villem Zonnestraal
Corgi na Volge Violet Sterretje
Corgi na Volge Wejt Standvastig
Corgi na Volge Wilghelmina Badgerwoods
Floatin' Hawen Hawys for Kogarahs
Floatin' Helen Heilen
Floatin' Hirdel Hirwin
Gärtner's Beau Anton
Gärtner's Beauty Annabell
Gärtner's Beauty Anschy
Gärtner's Beauty Athena
Hailey from the wonderful Oz
Harmony from the wonderful Oz
Hazel from the wonderful Oz
Higgins from the wonderful Oz
High Society Girl from the wonderful Oz
Hot Shot from the wonderful Oz
Hova Bonde's Fandorin
Hova Bonde's Farrell
Hova Bonde's Faye Quick
Hova Bonde's Florence Cusack
Hova Bonde's Fox Mulder
Hova Bonde's Frank Tripp
Hova Bonde's Frkke Frida
Hova Bonde's Frken Marple
Hova Bonde's Funny Zindel
Hova Bonde's Fury
Humphrey Bogart from the wonderful Oz
Uszaki Dodzilla DUR IR
Vogie Tail Beatrix for Infinity
Vogie Tail Best of Flanders
Vogie Tail Big Papa's Baby
Vogie Tail Born to Win
Waggerland Bed and Breakfast
Waggerland Bedtime Cookie
Waggerland Big Spender
Waggerland Billy the Kid
Waggerland Birthday Cracker
Waggerland Biscuits and Caramel
Waggerland Blues Brother
Waggerland Burnt Spice
Waggerland Firestarter Llaneirwg
Waggerland Foo Fighter
Waggerland I am The Boss
Waggerland I am The Man
Waggerland I am What I am
Waggerland Imagine This
Waggerland Indiana Jones
Waggerland Jane Fonda
Waggerland Jumping Jack
Waggerland Just Because
Waggerland Just Jackie
Waggerland Just Me
Waggerland Just Perfect
Waggerland Make My Day
Waggerland Mental Theo
Waggerland Mile High Apple Pie
Waggerland Miss Marple
Waggerland Miss Moneypenny
Waggerland Miss Montreal
Waggerland Mr Bojangles
Waggerland Mr Boombastic
Waggerland Next Edition
Waggerland Nitty Gritty
Waggerland Not For Sale
Registration#: DN16102102
Alt. Registry: ATC AJ00269USA (KC)
Reserve CC dog CRUFTS 2009, Mr K A Littlefair judging.
Dragonpatch Amoretta Joliette, ROMs
Dragonpatch Big Bad Buckaroo
Dragonpatch Burnt Copper Spice
Dragonpatch Jill-A-Roo
Dragonpatch Kylie of ALD
Dragonpatch Thunder From Down Under CGC THDA TKN ROMb
Dragonpatch Wish You Had Me


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PRA: Other Clear through lines

Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster

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Cambrian Bona Fide

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Copperleaf Warlock

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Copperleaf Rose Of Sharon ROMb

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