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AM CH Rhydowen Chippendale ROMb

picture of dog
Registered Name: Rhydowen Chippendale ROMb
Prefix Titles: AM CH
Breeder: Pat Santi
Owner: Pat Santi
Kennel: Rhydowen
Sire: Locksleyhall Laird ROMg
Dam: Tamarhac Hifive Of Rhydowen AM CDX
Call Name:
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 11 MAY 1986
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Black and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Alfonzo Trueblue-Fine Creek
Casper Of Fine Creek
Fine Creek Burton Blue
Fine Creek Court Jester ROMb
Fine Creek Dotted Swiss
Fine Creek King O'Reids Ferry
Fine Creek Midnite Thunder
Fine Creek Mr Tibbs
Fine Creek Tellwyth Teg
Kidwelly Designer Topsyturvy
Kidwelly Lilly White
Kidwelly Pennies Fortune
Kidwelly Pennies Jubilee
Kidwelly Purloined Midnite
Kidwelly Rhydowen Chips Ahoy CGC, TDI
Kidwelly Rhydowen First Mate
Kidwelly Thunderchief Jake
Kidwelly Tuxedo Junction
Kidwelly Walter
Pollyanna Beau of Kaleigh
Polyanna Chauncer
Polyanna Sir Spot
Polyanna's Harley Pupster
Polyanna's Katalina Zee
Rhydowen Bancyfelin Chips
Rhydowen Blue Candytuft
Rhydowen Brandy's Mr Chips
Rhydowen Brandywine Lad
Rhydowen Brindle
Rhydowen Buddy Boy
Rhydowen Burberry Plaid
Rhydowen Chipper
Rhydowen Cool Blue CD
Rhydowen Forever In Sneakers CD
Rhydowen I'm No Angel Kaleigh
Rhydowen Kellie
Rhydowen Little Domino
Rhydowen Little Miss Pandora
Rhydowen Magic
Rhydowen Penny Chip ROMs
Rhydowen Penny Pansitter
Rhydowen Rhythm And Blues
Rhydowen Sassy Jazz
Rhydowen Smitten Prince
Rhydowen Travel'n Man
Rhydowen Tupper
Rhydowen Vitacor Sassafras
Rhydowen Xtacee's Aftrglo CGC
Rhydowens Raisin A Ruckus
Sno-Shu Blackberry Wine
Sno-Shu Blueberry Wine
Sno-Shu Grizzly Bear ROMb
Tafarnwr Coedwig's Silver Lining
Tafarnwr Dbcr's Mme Bovary
Tafarnwr Springshire's Cecil
Tafarnwr Springshire's Donna
Tafrnwr Coedwig's Blackstorm ROMg
Registration#: D534730
Frozen (if stud): YES - Nancy Babyak owner
Hips:EXCELLENT - PRA:CLEAR (8/14/1998-Michigan State)
Rhydowen Designer Genes ROMs
Rhydowen Lord Of Prairiewood


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Hips: OFA WCC-459E102M-T 1994
PRA: Other Unaffected/Clear 1998

Rhydowen Chippendale ROMb

Locksleyhall Laird ROMg

Joseter Joson ROMg

Jubilee Joseph
Ringinglow Valentine
Joseter Gemma

Jubilee Joseph
Joseter Tanner

Tamarhac Hifive Of Rhydowen AM CDX

Silver Creek's Lad Of Rhydowen ROMb

Halmor Caeser ROMb

Bouev's Rubicon Sweet Sue
Rhydowen Witch's BrewSwansea Good Nite ROMg
Swansea Witch-Hazel