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AM CH Spectrum Harlem Shuffle ROMs

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Registered Name: Spectrum Harlem Shuffle ROMs
Prefix Titles: AM CH
Breeder: Kathy Steele
Owner: Kathy Steele
Kennel: Spectrum
Sire: Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT CGC ROMVP
Dam: Davenitch Black-Fox Barketa AM CD CGC ROMs
Call Name: Elmo
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 16 MAY 1993
Date of Death: 2007
Cause of Death: Old Age
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Black and White with Tan
Distinguishing Features: Broken collar
Known Offspring:
Aelwyd Blacklisted
Aelwyd Dark And Stormy Night
Aelwyd Joe
Aelwyd Shuffling Sadie
Aelwyd Tri 'N Stop Me
Archie Shuffles
Badagri Harlem Hot Pursuit
C-Myste Girls Night Out
C-Myste Harlem Nights RN
C-Myste Night Vision
Casino's Sam I Am
Casino's Silver Legacy HSAs
Casino's Silver Strike
Coedwig's Arlene Star
Coedwig's Blkduck Forever Nite
Coedwig's Carbon Blue ROMg
Coedwig's Lynndee's Annie Oakley
Coedwig's Moonshine
Coedwig's Violetta Valentina
Faerie Glen Silver Belle
Faerie Glen Silver Knight
Faerie Glen Silver Spectrum
Llandaff Harlem Fox Trot (AI) RN
Llandaff Ms Chevious Fox (AI) HSAs
Phi-Vestavia N Quisitive
Phi-Vestavia Quintessence HT
Phi-Vestavia Quippy Crispin
Phi-Vestavia Quite Quizzical
Princess Silver Biscuit
Rodwell St Elmos Fire
Shamrock's Midnight Shuffle
Shamrocks Black Lily
Shamrocks Masqued Frankie
Shamrocks Millie Sent From Heaven CD
Speckernik Crocodile Rock
Speckernik Jamie At Redcoat HSAs
Speckernik Sadie Chompsalot
Speckirnik Fergie
Spectrum Foxy Lady
Spectrum Gayle Harlem Hustle
Spectrum Larchmont Gayle
Spectrum Mesty Midnight Hour CD RAE OAP OJP
Spectrum Mesty Puppernickel
Spectrum Mestyclearblueskies
Spectrum Rincon Wild Card
Sterling Buster Berwyn
Vestavia Bryndir Pure Energy ROMb
Vestavia's Harlem Snowman CD
Winsdown Coedwig's Nitrate
Yardican US Angel Kiss
Yardican US Charm
Yardican US Designed
Yardican US Diplomat
Yardican US Edition
Yardican US Magic
Yardican US Navigator
Yardican US Westwyn Leo
Registration#: DL48367102
Registry: AKC
Spectrum Card Of Larchmont
Spectrum Foxie Roxie
Spectrum King Artiechoke
Spectrum Taxi Dancer ROMb


Category Registry ID or Results Date
PRA: Other Tested Clear, Registered

Spectrum Harlem Shuffle ROMs

Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT CGC ROMVP

Salvenik Sea Treasure ROM-V-G

Downholme Silversand of Joseter
Kentwood Gwenda

Phi's Amazing Grace Ap Ronel ROM-V-G

Tessaract's Pete Of Santana
Phi's Fortune Teller

Davenitch Black-Fox Barketa AM CD CGC ROMs

Davenitch Clean Sweep ROMb

Davenitch Peer of Pluperfect ROMg

Davenitch Shiloh Luca ROMg

Megwyn's Cross Country Girl ROMs

Talbot's Pilot Programme
Jelane's Windrift Samantha AM CD ROMs