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N UCH Verdidas Gillis To Immes

picture of dog
Registered Name: Verdidas Gillis To Immes
Prefix Titles: N UCH
Breeder: Bonnie Sandlund
Kennel: Verdidas
Sire: Verdidas Darwin
Dam: Gusigan's Etna BlÄblommig
Call Name:
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 1 DEC 2004
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Sweden
Country of Residence: Norway
Colour: Black and White with Tan
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://immes.webs.com/
Known Offspring:
Acer's A Roman Bronze
Aconitum's Big Handsom
Adonis' A Noble Lad
Alchemilla's Soft'n Icy
Aldonza el Corgi Amoroso
Alegria El Corgi Amoroso
Alexandro El Corgi Amoroso
Amaranthu's Foxy Tail
Antonio El Corgi Amoroso
Arcelia El Corgi Amoroso
Arnoldo El Corgi Amoroso
Astrantia Stary Eyes
Captain Cook van de Milligenhof
Charming Charlot van de Milligenhof
Cinderella Circus van de Milligenhof
Classic Clooney v.d. Milligenhof
Coopers Crossing van de Milligenhof
Cruise Control van de Milligenhof
Daddy Dagger van de Milligenhof
Dare Devil van de Milligenhof
Dearly Douglas van de Milligenhof
Dee Dee Djem v.d. Milligenhof
Dirty Diana van de Milligenhof
Diva Divine v.d Milligenhof
Doctor Dolittle van de Milligenhof
Double Donut v.d. Milligenhof
Duo Penotti van de Milligenhof
Dustin Dreamer van de Milligenhof
Imme's Balder
Imme's Bicko
Imme's Bosse
Imme's Brage To Carddicted
Imme's Buddy
Imme's Buffy Ballerina
Imme's Buffy Butterfly
Imme's Cammie
Imme's Cassie
Imme's Chakira
Imme's Chiquita
Imme's Cirocco
Imme's Eagle Eye
Imme's Eiko Eiko
Imme's Elfin Blue
Imme's Elskede Elling
Imme's Every Little Thing
Imme's Exclamation
Imme's Extasy Blue Angel
Imme's Eyecatcher
Imme's Kickstarter
Imme's Kim Possible
Imme's King Of Blues
Imme's Kiss n' Tell
Imme's Kissimme
Imme's Tender Panda Kisses
Imme's Texas Star
Imme's The Big Gun
Imme's Thunder n Roses
Imme's Town Sheriff
Imme's Trigger Happy
Imme's Tuff Cowboy
Team Ulrichs Red Ruby
Vistruphus Barnie
Vistruphus Barsum
Vistruphus Betzy
Vistruphus Billie Jean
Vistruphus Blossom
Vistruphus Bogart
Vistruphus Boomer
Vistruphus Brando
Vistruphus Brynja
Verdidas Galaxa
Verdidas Gambler
Verdidas Gaspar
Verdidas Geisha In Blue
Verdidas Ghastly
Verdidas Glory Glamour
Verdidas Godzilla
Verdidas Gordon

Verdidas Gillis To Immes

Verdidas Darwin

Nickname's Castor To Cardax

Deavitte Oakleaf
Nickname's Randihe
Verdidas Clear SunshineFrameworks Albin
Verdidas Atlanta

Gusigan's Etna BlÄblommig

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Yardican Lledrith
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