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U-CH Wyntr-Coedwig Dark Aurora

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Registered Name: Wyntr-Coedwig Dark Aurora
Prefix Titles: U-CH
Breeder: Kathleen Carlson
Owner: Kathleen Carlson
Kennel: Wyntr
Sire: Coedwig's Vestavia Luminescence CDX RAE PT OA OAJ OAP OJP ROMg
Dam: Coedwig's Niteshade Of Corwynt
Call Name: Rah Rah
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 19 AUG 1999
Date of Death: 29 AUG 2012
Cause of Death: Chemodectoma (heart tumor) and complications of liver failure
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Height: 29.21 cm (11.5 inch)
Weight: 12.25 kg (27.01 pound)
Colour: Black and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://my.voyager.net/~farrago/Wyntrfiles/Rah/Rah.html
Known Offspring:
Registration#: DL80439801
Registry: AKC
Alt. Registry: P282-798
Wyntr "A" litter. IVDD affected, Diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease (T10-13 by palpation) at age 7. SPINE OFA screened. Narrowed disk space T10-11, Spondylosis C6-7, T5-6.T13- L1, L4-5 No vertebral abnormalities noted. DNA FLUFF CLEAR. Abnormal tear duct, left. Subluxating/hyperextending hock, left. OFA THYROID NORMAL WCC-TH14/85F-VPI Oct 2 2006. PATELLA NORMAL - PRACTITIONER WCC-PA6/59F/P-VPI Jul 21 2004. DM: WCC-DM391/155F-VPI CLEAR WCC-DNA-3/B DNA DATA BANK
Wyntr-Coedwig Dark Avalanche


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Hips: OFA MODERATE Jul 21 200
Elbows: OFA WCC-EL53F59-VPI Jul 21 200
Eyes: CERF WCC-730 Apr 21 200
PRA: Other Clear by pedigree

Wyntr-Coedwig Dark Aurora

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