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AM CH Swansea Lord of Rhydowen AM CD ROMs

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Registered Name: Swansea Lord of Rhydowen AM CD ROMs
Prefix Titles: AM CH
Breeder: Margaret S. Douglas
Owner: Pat Santi
Sire: Lord Jim's Lucky Domino ROMg
Dam: Springdale Swansea Claude ROMs
Call Name: Puppydog, PD, Pup Pup
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 15 JUN 1968
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Black and White with Tan
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Barwyn Chwilen O'Dunwyck CD
Barwyn Penbwl O Dunwyck CDX
Bouev's Rubicon Sweet Sue
Hotspur of Kentwood
Keith's Queen Sheila ap Zam's
Merrilane's Sweet Crazy Daze
Merrilane's Sweet Foxy Lady
Nebriowa Swansea Brute Force
Rubicon Argentyna
Rubicon Drummer Hodge
Rubicon Phillipa
Rubicon Priscilla Ayn
Swansea Belinda
Swansea Black Jack
Swansea Blue Champagne
Swansea Brynda Of Ceceline
Swansea Caraid Of Glendower
Swansea Dia De Destino Of T P
Swansea Doodler O Dunwick CD
Swansea Foxfire Little Jewel
Swansea Ginger
Swansea Jane Firbank CD
Swansea John Santi
Swansea Jolly Fox
Swansea Last Word
Swansea Prince Of Rhydowen
Swansea Ragtime
Swansea Rubicon Rhydawn
Swansea Rubicon Sugar
Swansea Salmon P Chase CDX
Swansea Storm Center
Swansea Time To Dance
Swansea Top Hat And Tail CD
Swansea Topaz
Swansea Tri Tri Again
Swansea Wind In The Willows
Swansea's Brydie Of Toromar
Swansea's Sweet Spike
York Glen's Myfanwy Kate
York Glen's Prince Charming
Registration#: WB177787
Registry: AKC
Daleviz Swansea Judy
Lady Alice
Speedy's Porkchop of Swansea CDX
Swansea Dawn
Swansea Domino Too O' Dorisu
Swansea Fianuala
Swansea Flying Fritzi
Swansea Heather
Swansea Myrddin
Swansea Pick-A-Dilly
Swansea Sweetheart
Swansea Lord of Rhydowen AM CD ROMs

Lord Jim's Lucky Domino ROMg
Swansea Punch

Swansea Jon CD
Swansea Diafol
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Kentwood Dilys
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