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AM CH Sisterwood-Starry-Starry-Nite

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Registered Name: Sisterwood-Starry-Starry-Nite
Prefix Titles: AM CH
Breeder: Pat Mann
Neila Gelvin
Kennel: Sisterwood
Sire: Pecan Valley Spellbound
Dam: Sisterwood Stark 'N Dark ROMs
Call Name: Possum
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 2 APR 1994
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Blue Merle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Camelot Minstrel For Shebear
Camelot Spirit Of Westwind
Camelot's Black Nite
Camelot's Blackened Voodoo
Camelot's Blu Max From Gatewyn
Camelot's Deja Blu
Camelot's Dragon Stout CD RN
Camelot's Friar Tuck
Camelot's Hobo
Camelot's L'il Fortune Teller
Camelot's Little John's Fanny
Camelot's Maldwyn Of Brecon
Camelot's Midnight Nevermore
Camelot's Midnite Rendezvous
Camelot's Midnite Watch ROMb
Camelot's Oh Captain My Captain
Camelot's One And Only
Camelot's Scintillant Pearl
Camelot's Sea Siren's Song
Camelot's Second Mate To Rhydowen
Camelot's Southern Belle
Camelot's Sterling Silver Addition
Camelot's Tapestry In Bleu
Camelots Blue Ribbon Tribute
Camelots Frog N Parrott Ale
Canis Major's Shadow
Cardach Happy Blue Cosmo
Cardach Happy's Andromeda
Cardach Happy's Blu Bootes
Cardach Pegasus Blue Daze
Cardach's Happy Cassiopeia
Gatewyn Too Much Carbonation
Gatewyn's Star Swept Prairie CD RAE MXG MJS AXP AJP OF
Gentleman Jack
Happy's Blue Orion
Lady Tuckaway Of Camelot
Llandian I Got It From Camelot
Magical Joy Of Camelot
Robin Hood Of Camelot
Sir Preston of Camelot
Sir Scoots A Lot Of Camelot
Sisterwoods Diamond O Camelot
Sisterwoods Onyx Of Camelot
Trixie Lady Of Tuckaway
Tuckaway Little One
Tuckaway Man Of Fashion
Tuckaway Sistrwd Black Dahlia
Tuckaway's Ender Wiggin Out
Westwind Lady Diamond
Westwind's Back in Black
Westwind's Mythical Rhosyn
Westwind's Reflection of Camelot
Westwinds Kelleckimo Q Camelot
Zircon's Gypsy Rose Lee
Registration#: DL53704906
Registry: AKC
Sisterwood Aragorn Starlet
Sisterwood Blackstar Molasses
Sisterwood North Star Blue
Sisterwood Obvious Star
Sisterwood Skittering Star
Sisterwood Star Search HT
Sisterwood Star Studded
Sisterwood Stark Dark'n Umber HT
Sisterwood Starkist Pewter ROMb
Sisterwoods Black 'N Blue
Sisterwoods Star Spectacular
Sisterwood-Starry-Starry-NitePecan Valley Spellbound

Aragorn Appraxin Blue Merlyn ROMb

Aragorn's Sarum Blue Bishop AM CD ROMb

Aragorn Appraxin Silver Fox

Aragorn Amanda

Aragorn's Original Recipe AM CD ROMs

Aragorn Appraxin Silver Fox

Sisterwood Stark 'N Dark ROMs
Sisterwood Challenge O'HeartZircon's Jack of Hearts AM CD ROMb
Chandler's Her Roy'l Happiness ROMs
Kollage’s Sassy O'Sisterwood ROMb

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