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~What's New!!~

  • August 2014, If you are having trouble uploading a picture, make sure that only letters and numbers are included in the name. For example, an apostrophe (') will cause an "Internal Server Error" message. Also make sure to limit your picture to around 800 pixels wide (around 500 kb max). If you still have a problem you may send the picture to us with the dog's registered name and we will post it.

  • July 2014, CanineHosting is now helping with administration duties. For those having problems logging on, e-mail the webmasters and we can reset your password. Please include your user name (if known).

    If you need to change the e-mail address linked to your account, please send us an e-mail preferably from your old address and referencing the new. We can change it for you rather than creating duplicate records.

  • July 2013, after an extended absence we are back! CardiPed.Net is now hosted by the company CanineHosting.com, a great couple who are dog people and understand how important pedigree databases are. Thanks for all of your assistance CanineHosting.com!!

  • November 30th 2009, After several months CardiPed.Net is up and running!

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The Cardigan Archives has been created in an effort to collect information (past & present) about Cardigan Welsh Corgi's from all over the world. The Cardigan Archives website and database is intended for the community of dog lovers worldwide, who we hope will help us gather as much information as possible. Please take the time to read The Cardigan Archives About us / Disclaimers & FAQ's page.

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